utility wardrobe currently offers worldwide shipping for all of our products via www.utilitywardrobe.com. aesthetics made to last products are also available at select stores and e-commerce platforms throughout the world. 

We are proud of the quality products we manufacture, and we stand behind the workmanship and expertise that goes into creating product we make. As such, we never hold utility wardrobe sales or Black Friday discounts on our website.

To know which product version you own please locate the receipt and/or email of purchase and locate the product code. The last two digits signify the product version. Alternatively, you can contact us and we can locate your order and inform you of the version in use at the time of purchase. The most recent product codes are available for viewing at utilitywardrobe.com on each product page. 

utility wardrobe selects fabrics that meet the criteria of durability and functionality. Our R&D team is constantly searching for newly developed fabrics and will incorporate them in our products whenever there is an opportunity for product improvement. We aim to use natural fabrics where possible, but will use synthetic fabrics if the degree of quality & durability is highly improved. 

utility wardrobe products have a limited lifetime warranty as we take our commitment to quality and long lasting products seriously. If a product you purchased has a manufacturing defect at any stage of it's lifecycle please get in touch with us and we will fix the defect or replace the item on our cost. 

All of utility wardrobe products are made in Quebec, Canada.